Sunday, July 27, 2008

Halloween In July Swap--Marlene, don't look!!!

This has by far been my favorite apron swap yet. Maybe it's working on cool colored fall fabrics in this 100 degree heat, or receiving THE cutest apron ever from a sweet & obviously talented lady in Arkansas...whatever the reason(s) I had a blast participating. So, without further

This is the apron I received. Isn't it so charming? The kids love it and have wrinkled it thoroughly from putting "Halloween things" in the pockets. I tried to put it away but they won't hear of it hangs on the back of a chair receiving lots of adoring looks. Oh yes, and I love it too! Marlene also sent some cute scarecrow napkins, recipes, and cross necklaces for the kids. Addie wears hers until naptime and then wakes up pointing at her necklace saying, "Addie's!"

This is the apron I made for Marlene. I went through a couple of patterns...but nothing really clicked until I found a terrific bundle of precut 5 inch Moda fall fabric:Pumpkins Gone Wild. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, only the shop was out of the pattern I was looking for (Indygo Junction Kitchen Charm), and wouldn't get it in for a couple of weeks, so I made up a pattern using the picture. I'm shipping it off to Hot Springs on Monday.


Jen Sue Wild said...

Sarah I love the apron you wre given so cute!!
But the apron you made Rocks big time.. I love the patteren Sew stinkin fun!!

Teresa said...

I love that scrappy apron. All of those autumn colors, they just scream home! Very nice!

Yarni Gras! said...

LOVE those aprons! Wasn't this a FUN theme?
I'm posting the ones Jill sent me tomorrow. I have to take some photos!