Saturday, May 31, 2008

Apron Angels

I sent off my Sassy apron this morning (phew!) and finished this apron that I made for Lucy's Apron Angels. I used a vintage McCalls pattern that I bought on Ebay a few years ago. The balls around the pockets didn't turn out quiet as I envisioned, but sure make it fun to bop around the house in (I gave it a test spin). I also made my own bias tape for the pocket--which was a first. I'll mail this Monday and then get started on my apron for the Flirty Apron Swap. I also nearly finished Jack's pirate shirt, just need to pick up some snaps. I have a few other summer outfits I want to sew up for Addie. Better get busy!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SAS Swap Count Down

I am really moving slow. I like to finish my swap projects and get them out ASAP...but this Sassy apron has been hanging out at my house for about two weeks now. I'm not sure what the hold up has been in getting it out, but I finished the required tea towel last night and now I'm just needing to jot down a favorite beverage--non alcoholic. Hmm. I'm going to send this puppy out tomorrow after I go shopping for a few extras to pack in the box. Anyway, here's the towel inspired by the fabric I used in the apron:

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another Apron

I made another apron from the A is for Apron book that I'm so in love with right now. This pattern is called Kaleidescope and came together for me like a breeze. I had some frustration making the Summertime Blues apron, but this project was so simple and fun. I really enjoyed creating the 30 pintucks in the waistband and think they really add a little sophistication. I made this for a friend who had a rough week...and hope it cheers her up a bit.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Craft Apron

How did I ever live without this handy (and stylish) apron? My BFF made this for me and hand delivered it this past weekend. This little helper is chalk full of details, including pockets that slant to the sides to prevent pens and tools from stabbing when sitting down. On top of it's super sassy and fun to wear! Thanks Tracey!

I finished my SAS apron!

Well, almost. I still need to sit down with my little bitty scissors and trim all the threads. I also still need to think of a beverage recipe and find/make the tea towel that will complete the package. I hope my partner likes it. The theme for the swap was Summer. Here are a few pictures: (PS: this pattern is from A is For Apron)

Sassy Apron Swap

I was so surprised to find a package on my porch this morning. My partner, Vicki made the loveliest apron and included some special goodies as well. I had mentioned about J's & my love of baking cupcakes--I was so delighted to find a Wilton cupcake decorating set, super cute cupcake papers, a cupcake book (wow!), and some coordinating tea towels. My son thought that someone had sent HIM a present and quickly decided that we should make we did. I used my new tips and wore my new apron. I captured some of the sweet details of the apron in the photos below. I didn't get a great shot of the hem--it is scalloped with white biased tape trip. I love the tulip shaped pocket , rick rack, and daisy buttons. Thank you, Vicki!One of our cupcakes...there is a little fingerprint to the left of the "starfish" as J called our decoration.

All my loot.

Cute buttons

Scalloped hem & rick rack


Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Whole Bunch of Stuff

I haven't been able to dig into my swap projects this week due to my eyes still recovering from Tuesday's LASIK procedure. I did manage to get some things accomplished, though. I am making a few aprons out of the "A is for Apron" book--I have the fabric picked out (pending my partner's preferences )for the Independence Day themed Flirty Apron Swap and patterns ready for three. I also (once again) got my craft area organized and was SO pleased to get my peg board installed today (what a handyman my husband is!). Whipped up a couple of dog collars out of Amy Carol's Bend the Rules Sewing book that I'm so fond of these days (I finally broke down and bought my very own copy). My mom's dog, Hans, is modeling one in the photo. My peonies are out in full bloom right now and I am just loving it. The light pink ones are probably 60+ years old and were transplanted from a very dear childhood neighbor's yard (thanks Mom!). Jackson and I put this plant together for his Grandma who had surgery recently. Jackson had so much fun arranging all the button "stakes." I think it turned out so cute.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Apron Giveaway

Go over to Flirty Apron Swap II to enter in an apron giveaway for a super cute apron from Sassy Apron. These are NOT your grandma's aprons...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Red Halo

The ladies in my church often tell me that Ad's red hair looks like a halo. I love this picture of us at the Crystal Cathedral--Ad's hair almost glows in the sunshine!

Thanks, Mom!

I made this bag for my mom as a thank you gift for dog sitting during our recent trip to CA. I figured she didn't want any mouse themed, made in China goods and that this bag would be fun to have on her upcoming trip. So, thanks, mom! Hope you like it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

BTRS for Mom

My mom is going to the beach this weekend and I am trying to make her a pleated beauty bag before she leaves. I got the pieces all cut out today for the PBB and also this little fold over bag, which I think turned out really cute. My partner from the BTRS swap made me a larger version that I absolutely love (makes a terrific bag for a diaper change!). Now I gotta get moving on the big mama bag... a little bit more of a bear than this sweet little thing.