Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Back and Gettin' Busy

Now that the marathon is over I can get back to my sewing! You can read about my marathon experience over at the family blog (link to the right).

This is part of my homework from a Quilting class that I am taking with my friend Linda. This is my very first block ever...the Rail Fence. The blue one is the sample I took from class, the pink one is mine. I'm pretty happy with it except that the center seam is a tiny bit off. Can you tell what's on the fabric? Cupcakes, polkadots, & flowers. Can you tell who is going to receive the finished quilt? You guessed it, the number 1 pink lover in my house...Addie.

Two more blocks to go before class next Tuesday. I'll post pictures when I get them together.

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