Sunday, May 17, 2009

Squares & Skirt for Addie


All but one of my homework squares are finished now. I will be working on getting borders on and then will start quilting. These squares represent HOURS of seam ripping...especially that silly 8 pointed star. I now have a much deeper appreciation for the hands behind all those quilts I own and see in shops.

After this week's overwhelming class where we learned about different quilting stitches and techniques, I had to go straight home and work on something that I was comfortable with. So I made Addie this cute little skirt from Bananafana out of the princess material and ribbon she picked out at the store recently. I have some beautiful fabrics to make a few more skirts from this pattern, but had to make this one first. It turned out SO cute and was SO easy.


Tracy said...

WOW! The quilt blocks look great! It looks like your points match up really well, the blocks are all the same size, and nothing's "puffy". That is a HUGE accomplishment! Great job!!

Rebecca said...

love the skirt! so cute!