Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I have a few new projects underway and hope to post my progress here soon. Last weekend I was inspired after finding myself at a local children's boutique gawking at the price tags on their simple, but very cute summer dresses & jumpers. I've been in a baby dress making funk (aka: burn out) but happy to get my motivation back. Last night I embroidered a little birdie to incorporate into a summer dress for Addie. My inspiration for this dress actually came from a torn bed sheet that was headed for the trash. It is bright white & super high thread count--perfect for a summer dress and too good to throw out. How very Sound of Music-y of me.

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Tracey said...

Glad to see you with a craft blog of your own. Fun Fun! It freaked me out when I saw "I'm Moving". I am okay now though!!